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We’re the Great Buddies You Can Wish for Your Animal Pals

The Human Companions You and Your Pets Can Get Along With

Established in 2013, Daisy’s Playful Pups LLC is a full-service boutique company in New York, New York with a training-first mentality. We pride ourselves in being certified by Animal Behavioral College for basic obedience and behavioral management. All of our staff members are trained in basic obedience and leash management.

Safety is the primary protocol of our company. We make sure that all leashes and harnesses are securely fastened and properly attached to pets every time. Since we are a small business, we are able to do our job on a more personal level. You can be sure that we will take good care of your animal pals!

What Makes Us Your Number One Choice

  • We have more than 9 years of professional experience.
  • We have more than 4 years of professional training.
  • We add a personal touch to everything we do.
  • We are detail-oriented when it comes to our work.
  • We are more focused on pet training and safety.
  • We are consistent, dependable, and knowledgeable.

Meet the Husband and Wife Team Behind This Company

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A Dream We Want to Fulfill

We want to help foster a symbiotic relationship between owner and pup.

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